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About Our Hearing Center

The Lexington Hearing & Speech Center provides comprehensive clinical services in audiology and speech-language pathology as well as otolaryngology medical services to adults, children and infants residing in NYC, Westchester, Long Island and New Jersey. 

Lexington specializes in clinical audiology and dispensing of hearing aids and amplification systems using the most state-of-the-art digital technology.  Every hearing aid dispensed goes through meticulous testing to make sure it is a perfect match for the hearing loss of each individual.  Lexington prides itself on highly personalized service which we believe is crucial to successful hearing aid selection and fitting.  Lexington is a not-for-profit organization committed to dispensing hearing aids from all manufacturers.  This allows us the flexibility to always find the best device for each patient.  Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for individuals of any age, with any level of hearing loss.

Lexington provides non-invasive audiology evaluations for newborns through cutting-edge advances in technology. Our new exceptionally large hearing testing suites are family friendly and able to accommodate a number of individuals, and also wheelchair accessible.

Medical doctors are available to provide examinations of the ears, nose and throat.  Otolarangologists work with audiologists to evaluate clinical findings to determine appropriate medical/rehabilitative follow-up, including hearing aids.

Lexington’s licensed audiology staff uses a Mobile Outreach Van for our hearing conservation initiative.  Lexington professionals conduct hearing tests at industrial work sites for compliance with OSHA and at community organizations.  The Van is equipped with a Mobile Audiometric Test Suite, which allows for hearing evaluations and analyses of current hearing aids in the field.  We serve members of senior centers through the Mobile Hearing Screening Unit, which provides these diagnostic services to individuals throughout Queens and Brooklyn. 

Licensed speech-language pathologists evaluate and treat children, through the Early Intervention Program, who have difficulty with communication due to hearing loss, developmental delays, neurological impairment or voice disorders.  One-on-one therapeutic sessions are designed to help individuals use speech as a means to communicate.  Therapists help individuals of all ages, who are losing hearing, with social adjustments so as to minimize disruption to their lifestyles.

With its rich 150 year history, the Lexington Hearing and Speech Center is proud to be an affiliate of the Lexington School for the Deaf/Center for the Deaf.  It is licensed by the State of New York Department of Health, as an Article 28, out-patient clinic treatment facility. The Center is certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Council of Professional Services Accreditation to provide services in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology as well as to serve as a Continuing Education site for those wishing to expand their professional education.  

Parents often have questions about how their children are growing and learning. All children are different and grow in different ways. But sometimes, children and their parents may need some support.

The Early Intervention Program is designed for children from birth to three years of age. Any parents or guardians who have concerns about their children's development may contact the Lexington Hearing and Speech Center directly (718-350-3171).

Lexington's Early Intervention Program provides:

  • Evaluations of hearing, communication/speech & language, physical therapy, and cognitive development
  • Individual Communication/Speech and Language Therapy, Special Instruction Services, Physical Therapy Services, and a Parent-Infant Group.
  • Hearing Assistive Technology (hearing aids, assistive listening devices, follow-up services)